TransitieProfs has been ready for 20 years with services that improve the quality of your ICT organization. Always with the ultimate goal to offer insight, get more out of your ICT budget and gain control over your digital innovation.


Insight into your current and desired situation

The basis for successful improvement is to examine where you are, what the desired situation is and what strategy fits.

Some examples of research questions we have frequently answered are:

Insight into your current and desired situation

The basis for successful improvement is to examine where you stand and what the desired situation is. Therefore, we have a proven approach to provide quick insights. Some examples of research questions we have frequently answered are:


  • Data centre replacement issues
  • Formulating vision and strategy for digital innovation
  • Setting up a Management Organisation
  • SaaS strategy and the replacement of the application landscape
  • Enterprise Architecture: Automation, Informatics, Innovation
  • Research on process improvement and Service Delivery Management

Transition Assistance

Every change means a lot to your people, processes and resources. We know the tricks of the trade and ensure that it is clear in advance where the change will lead, how the change will be supported within your organisation, how we will get the people on board and, of course, how the guidance of your organisation to a successful transition will proceed.

For example, we assist organisations with up to thousands of workstations:


  • Tenders relating to technology, applications and management
  • Organising, assisting and securing major change processes
  • Organising, assisting and securing Governance
  • Programme and project management
  • Assurance of Enterprise Architecture
  • Designing and guiding transitions to a management organisation
  • Devising and rolling out an ICT services catalogue

IT Service Management (system)

In 20 years of transition support for a great many organisations, we have often been involved in improving or replacing ITSM systems. Usually with the aim of improving processes and increasing customer satisfaction.

To serve you even faster and better, we have embraced a fully Microsoft-based ITSM system that allows you to offer ICT services to end users much faster, more flexibly and at significantly lower cost.

We will be happy to show you how to set up and support customer-oriented services during a demo or in a Proof of Concept. Within hours (instead of weeks or months) we will set up complete services for you, including request options, support and ticketing.

Frequently requested services of Transitionprofs are:


  • Investigate replacement of data centres
  • Researching Vision and Strategy for Digital Innovation
  • Conducting research to gain insight into what is needed to create your management organisation
  • Conduct research on SaaS strategy and/or application landscape replacement
  • Researching and helping to set up the Enterprise Architecture: Automation, Computerisation, Innovation and Governance
  • Process Research, CMMI level
  • Understanding user satisfaction
  • Setting up an innovation board including governance
  • Deployment of Service Delivery Managers
  • Guidance for tenders: technology, applications and management
  • Supervising large change processes including the deployment of Programme and Project Managers
  • Workshops and Coaching of Stakeholders in the Transition to a Regie Organisation
  • Setting up (including Proof of Concept) ITSM tooling

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