ITSM Functionality

We have a constant focus on new development and improvement of services in the areas of ICT, HR and facilities services. Together, we create functionalities that use the best of Microsoft 365 to deliver outstanding ITSM productivity, user engagement and collaboration that are measurably valued by your organisation and end users.

Kennismaking ITSM360 volledig overzicht:

ITIL General Management Principles


ITSM360 can be easily and quickly linked with hundreds of applications from the Microsoft marketplace. So you can easily connect with numerous systems for ERP, CRM, marketing automation, accounting and IT management systems. But of course also with PowerAutomate, PowerBI, Flow, AI, Azure, Intune, SCCM, Endpoint Manager, Virtual Agent, etc. This enables you to develop and deliver services to your organisation quickly and without expensive consultants.

Architecture ITSM360

The basis of ITSM360 is SharePoint. From SharePoint the integration and connection will be established. It is important to start by designing your basic environment and your service catalogue. Once the basis is in place, integration and connection with data and functionalities can follow. Working from ITSM360 is possible if the service catalogue is set up. Automation of services and processes is a next step based on PowerApps.

Service Management

We offer Power BI templates for ITSM business intelligence and reporting. But of course you can also adapt and improve these yourself. Use Power BI to gain proactive insight into your IT Service Management processes.

Service Catalogue

Manage your complete service catalogue with ITSM360, including relationships with BRM processes. 

Portfolio management includes:

  • Aggregation of tickets/cases for the services
  • Operational model and dependencies of services, assets and CIs
  • Roles/responsibilities/web part
  • Metadata of services

ITIL Service Management

Increase your team's productivity with the standard SharePoint & Teams web components for ITSM control.

Incident management

Multiple incident types are supported. Incidents are generated by E-mails, data entry forms from the self-service portal or Teams. ITSM360 stores incidents as a SharePoint list item. As a result all standard SharePoint operations and process options are enabled for the incident process. 

Change management

Standard processes and building blocks for change management are included. Standard processes and building blocks can be used for all types of changes, including the possibility to design your own change processes.
It is also possible to design RFC forms that are linked to processes that are executed by Power Automate.

Asset Management

ITSM360 offers great functions for Asset Management. First of all assets are stored in the CMDB. Secondly, assets are closely linked to the incident and change process, where a link between asset and incident or change is an option. Webparts for handling the delivery of Assets and the return of Assets are also included. By linking to Intune/EndpointManager, Power Automate can also easily automate processes and tasks.

Monitoring and Event Management

Consolidate and automate events generated by multiple sources in ITSM360. An event is a central SharePoint list in ITSM360, including integration interfaces (e-mail, SharePoint REST API or Microsoft Graph).

Release Management

The Release Management process allows you to group multiple changes into one release. But you can also apply fixes to a release if necessary. The Release Management Process is linked to the Service Portfolio and to the Service Catalogue. By linking to Intune/EndpointManager, Power Automate can also automate processes and tasks.

Service catalogue management

Given the number and frequency of changes to services at many ICT organisations, we have made it easy to change/manage the services in the catalogue. ITSM360 offers you a 'service builder' that connects to the essential SharePoint lists, Microsoft Teams and PowerApps.

Service configuration management

The CMDB is divided into logical areas (list structure) to support real services, CIs, assets, licences, etc. This results in a complete CMDB in SharePoint. By linking to Intune/EndpointManager, Power Automate can also automate processes and tasks.

Service Desk

There are several standard functions for supporting Service Desk activities:

  • Self-service portal for end users
  • Microsoft Teams end-user app
  • Microsoft Teams app for service desk workers
  • SharePoint app and functions for Service Desk employees
  • Process models in Power Automate and automation runbooks
  • Multiple languages to support self-service portals

The 10 reasons why professionals choose ITSM360


  • 100% Microsoft: easy integration with all your Microsoft products/licences
  • 100% Integration MS- Teams App: unified working for all customers/users/partners/etc.
  • Installation within your private cloud/tenant: always according to your security policy (no SaaS)
  • Build up next to 'live' environment: start small: but with all functionalities
  • User satisfaction in real time: can be deployed immediately or can be deployed later
  • No modules/surprises: one fixed licence price for all requirements
  • Affordable solution: Up to € 49, - per agent-user per month, incl. 7×24 support
  • MSP interpretation standard: be able to separate/manage SLAs/entities/contracts by default
  • No expensive linking partners/etc: Cooperation in tickets with outsourcing partners/departments
  • Automation 'out of the box': Growing from CMMI-1 to automated processes/tasks

The Value of ITSM360

  • Fits perfectly with your Microsoft.....tenzij strategy
  • Significantly lower costs for setting up and operating ICT services
  • Making your organisation agile by improving ICT services together
  • Satisfied users, higher efficiency, optimal involvement
  • Clear reporting
  • Real-time customer satisfaction and cost measurability
  • Flexible and customer-oriented service innovation
  • More positive visibility within the organisation, but also....
  • More positive visibility outside the organisation
  • Managing and reporting on customer satisfaction rather than technical issues
  • One system, without modules and customisation
  • Multi-tenant: setting up and managing different organisations and contracts
  • Rapid development of customer-oriented services
  • Provide unified functionality for HR and facilities management
  • Secure access and integration with services and information
  • Directing services and innovation
  • Lower costs, higher satisfaction
  • More positive visibility within the organisation
  • Fully integrated within Microsoft environment and own tenant
  • One tool for ICT/HR/Facilities, making handling quicker and easier
  • Creating a point of contact between user and ICT instead of islands
  • All functionality available without modules and complex links
  • Standardise services and processes without paperwork
  • Easy access to all data and services, internally and externally
  • Single point of information for services/managers/users
  • Designing and securing knowledge from one environment
  • Flexible and customer-oriented service innovation
  • Integral work from MS Teams and thus easy communication
  • One tool for ICT/HR/Facilities, making handling quicker and easier
  • One tool for directing, registering, collaborating, coordinating and providing feedback
  • Working from familiar Microsoft environment
  • Fewer calls, only for high priorities
  • Automate common questions/changes
  • Offer more Self Service, creating time for direction
  • Focus on satisfied users instead of focusing on incident management
  • Immediate insight into appointments, handling groups and thus much more efficient work
  • Many more Self Service possibilities: faster and better delivery of services
  • An ICT department that is helpful and customer-friendly
  • The possibility to give ratings on quality
  • Optimal participation in improving the quality of ICT services
  • Incidents, requests and problems dealt with much faster
  • Convenient workplace services such as meeting room, desk, lunch and workplace booking
  • Communicate easily via Teams on services you recognise
  • Always insight into the status of an application and request
  • All information in one system: the familiar Microsoft environment

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