ICT services with a smile

Transitieprofs has brought IT Service Management ITSM360 - built on Microsoft 365 - from Denmark to the Benelux. This is our response to the demand for better integration and automation of service processes. Transitieprofs believes that the current systems are too complex and offer too little integration and automation possibilities and is therefore fully committed to ITSM360.

The Danish Cloud Mission has delivered ITSM360 worldwide for years and is the owner of the solution. By means of a partner agreement Transitieprofs got the (exclusive) right for the Benelux. Support of incidents is guaranteed 7*24 hours by the Danish organisation. Transitieprofs takes care of the implementation, Enterprise Architecture and SDM (Service Delivery Management). Together with Denmark Transitieprofs can now deliver worldwide. Countries like Germany and England have also shown their interest through Transitieprofs.

The days when ICT was measured in terms of uptime or other SLAs are long gone. The functional support of business processes and the realisation of a positive user experience is more important than ever. ICT services that measurably contribute to satisfied users and make your primary service more successful require a new look at your Service Management system. With ITSM360 you deliver services with a smile. Optimise self-service and automate services and processes easily. All from within your familiar Microsoft environment.

Microsoft as the basis

ITSM360 is fully built and integrated with Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. That also means that ITSM360 fully integrates with all your Microsoft products. Support tickets, requests and self-service from users are simply handled in Teams. Collaboration with your ICT partners, HR or Facilities also works from within Teams. Accessing data and applications, managing all your servers, workplaces and applications from ITSM360. This ensures control, higher customer satisfaction and structurally lower costs.


Connection to literally 'everything

ITSM360 can be easily and quickly linked with hundreds of applications from the Microsoft marketplace. So you can easily connect with numerous systems for ERP, CRM, marketing automation, accounting and IT management systems. But of course also with PowerAutomate, PowerBI, Flow, AI, Azure, Intune, SCCM, Endpoint Manager, Virtual Agent, etc. This enables you to develop and deliver services to your organisation quickly and without expensive consultants.

Starting small - proving big

With ITSM360 you have everything you need to start small and first show your stakeholders that the solution leads to visibly positive results and lower costs. This is possible because ITSM360 will be installed within your own environment, alongside your existing ITSM system. As a result you integrate directly with all your own functionalities, but benefit from all the functionalities of ITSM360. This is unique, because all functionalities are immediately available.

Focus on delivering quality

Existing ITSM systems are basically built to report on availability of, for example, 'servers': components that users do not recognise. ITSM360 is built from the need to report on availability of 'services': services that your users recognise. Think of a workplace 'as a service'. By measuring user satisfaction with services , the focus and direction will shift to delivering quality.

Security and Compliance

Security and compliance requirements apply to many ITSM use cases. In terms of security, Microsoft implements an ambitious and stringent policy and your existing security will adapt in ITSM360.

Wat betreft beveiliging en compliance voldoet ITSM360 als beste aan de industrie en aan de nationale kaders.

Affordable, fast and reliable

It is common knowledge that ITSM software is expensive, complex, requires a lot of customisation and the lead time from idea to service delivery is too long. ITSM360 puts an end to that once and for all. From now on you can design, manage, support and automate your services yourself: that's management! And as far as the costs are concerned, you will be positively amazed. Above all, your organisation and users will be positively surprised and will value your services much higher.

Kennismaking ITSM360 volledig overzicht:

De Waarde van ITSM op Microsoft

  • Fits perfectly with your Microsoft.....tenzij strategy
  • Significantly lower costs for setting up and operating ICT services
  • Making your organisation agile by improving ICT services together
  • Satisfied users, higher efficiency, optimal involvement
  • Clear reporting
  • Real-time customer satisfaction and cost measurability
  • Flexible and customer-oriented service innovation
  • More positive visibility within the organisation, but also....
  • More positive visibility outside the organisation
  • Managing and reporting on customer satisfaction rather than technical issues
  • One system, without modules and customisation
  • Multi-tenant: setting up and managing different organisations and contracts
  • Rapid development of customer-oriented services
  • Provide unified functionality for HR and facilities management
  • Secure access and integration with services and information
  • Directing services and innovation
  • Lower costs, higher satisfaction
  • More positive visibility within the organisation
  • Fully integrated within Microsoft environment and own tenant
  • One tool for ICT/HR/Facilities, making handling quicker and easier
  • Creating a point of contact between user and ICT instead of islands
  • All functionality available without modules and complex links
  • Standardise services and processes without paperwork
  • Easy access to all data and services, internally and externally
  • Single point of information for services/managers/users
  • Designing and securing knowledge from one environment
  • Flexible and customer-oriented service innovation
  • Integral work from MS Teams and thus easy communication
  • One tool for ICT/HR/Facilities, making handling quicker and easier
  • One tool for directing, registering, collaborating, coordinating and providing feedback
  • Working from familiar Microsoft environment
  • Fewer calls, only for high priorities
  • Automate common questions/changes
  • Offer more Self Service, creating time for direction
  • Focus on satisfied users instead of focusing on incident management
  • Immediate insight into appointments, handling groups and thus much more efficient work
  • Many more Self Service possibilities: faster and better delivery of services
  • An ICT department that is helpful and customer-friendly
  • The possibility to give ratings on quality
  • Optimal participation in improving the quality of ICT services
  • Incidents, requests and problems dealt with much faster
  • Convenient workplace services such as meeting room, desk, lunch and workplace booking
  • Communicate easily via Teams on services you recognise
  • Always insight into the status of an application and request
  • All information in one system: the familiar Microsoft environment

Why you definitely MUST look at ITSM360

What you do NOT get with us

  • Fully integrated in your own Microsoft environment
  • The very highest security and complicance standards
  • Very easy to set up and use
  • Stimulates service innovation and renewal
  • Multi-tenant, so also usable by shared service centres and MSPs
  • Offer everything from the familiar Microsoft environment (in Teams and SharePoint)
  • Automates the most complex services
  • Guaranteed to pay for itself within a year compared to other ITSM systems
  • Focuses on the satisfied end customer rather than controlling internal processes
  • Manage everything from a single unified interface for the end customer, IT, architect, HR, information manager and management
  • Makes your service organisation ready for the future through open structure and Microsoft integration
  • Licences are all-in (no module structure and annoying upsell, so everything is immediately available) and are considerably cheaper than the basic (i.e. without modules) licences from the aforementioned suppliers.
  • Easy to manage and customise by anyone familiar with Microsoft technology
  • Being busy registering instead of directing
  • Working with different systems which is time consuming, tedious and difficult to report
  • A proliferation of systems and apps creating a complex maze
  • Complexity and costs
  • Different languages/technologies with time-consuming links
  • Different subscriptions and modules
  • Lack of process oversight and low customer satisfaction
  • Different owners of different silos
  • Too little visibility/control over end users
  • Time-consuming and expensive implementation

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