Many organisations opt for a Microsoft unless strategy and that is not without reason of course: they choose the power of infrastructure integration, PowerApps, MS Teams, connecting to literally everything, etc.. And what has so far always been the 'odd duck' within this strategy: the ITSM system. This solution is usually outside your own ecosystem as a SaaS solution with only adverse effects and very high costs. That finally stops with ITSM360: 100% Microsoft.


Many organisations were used to the shortcomings of ITSM systems:

  • Towering costs;
  • Additional modules are required for each functionality;
  • External specialists are needed for everything;
  • Mainly focused on the own management organisation, not on satisfied users;
  • A surplus of icons and functions that hardly anyone uses;
  • Outside the ecosystem and therefore security problems;
  • And above all: it simply does not meet the needs of users, administrators and architects;

We would like to explain the latter, because here we see that the spirit of the times has overtaken the architecture of the well-known ITSM systems:

  • More and more infrastructure is moving to MS-Asure;
  • Tooling such as MS- Intune/EndpointManager is used for management;
  • Almost all applications go to SaaS and must integrate via the MS Kiosk;
  • Communication with users and among themselves takes place via MS Teams;
  • Processes and tasks are automated with MS PowerAutomate;
  • Sharing reports and learning from them using MS-PowerBI;
  • And finally, the only non-Microsoft solution is your ITSM system, which is your most primary ICT management system and should act as a spider in the web: that is completely out of date!

ITSM360 is the 100% Microsoft-based ITSM system that finally solves this:

Because deploying ITSM360 means there are no more modules if you want extra functionality, but simply integration with all your existing licences and solutions, ITSM360 is also at least 50% cheaper.

Time for a change, therefore, resulting in much happier users and much lower costs. We don't think you should withhold that from your organisation. If you think so too and are curious how we can make ITSM360 successful for your organisation, request a demo or more information.

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