Deliver IcT services with a smile

The transition from focus on technology to positive user experience

From 'grip on technology' to full control over digital innovation

For 20 years, our mission has been to help organisations deliver their ICT services with extremely high user satisfaction. We help with the formulation of a business-oriented ICT strategy up to and including the realisation of complete control over digital innovation. We do this for organisations with hundreds to thousands of workplaces.

Control of IT services

The foundation for IT that makes the difference

Together with you, we define a clear vision and strategy and translate them into the most appropriate and affordable Enterprise Architecture. We assist you in achieving an even more professional project and management organisation, with a focus on customer satisfaction, innovation, market-based costs and governance. Our clients distinguish themselves with innovative services, in which ICT has a decisive role to play in supporting business ambitions and organisational goals.

Customer satisfaction

Quality and satisfied customers

We help you from the creation of insight into the current way in which ICT is organised, to the design and safeguarding of ICT services that allow your organisation to innovate: from the wishes and requirements of the business. User satisfaction is central to this. On the basis of our proven approach, we realise, together with you, a management organisation with full control of qualitative ICT services, processes and organisation.

IT service innovation

Innovative IT services for the future

Of course, we also help you to innovate the quality achieved for the future.

Through coaching, workshops, governance and working from architecture, we ensure that the pro-active organisation of digital innovation is optimally secured within your organisation.

This results in even higher quality ICT services that contribute optimally to the innovative needs of your organisation.


Frequently requested services of Transitionprofs are:


  • Investigate replacement of data centres
  • Researching Vision and Strategy for Digital Innovation
  • Conducting research to gain insight into what is needed to create your management organisation
  • Conduct research on SaaS strategy and/or application landscape replacement
  • Researching and helping to set up the Enterprise Architecture: Automation, Computerisation, Innovation and Governance
  • Process Research, CMMI level
  • Understanding user satisfaction
  • Setting up an innovation board including governance
  • Deployment of Service Delivery Managers
  • Guidance for tenders: technology, applications and management
  • Supervising large change processes including the deployment of Programme and Project Managers
  • Workshops and Coaching of Stakeholders in the Transition to a Regie Organisation
  • Setting up (including Proof of Concept) ITSM tooling

Kennismaking ITSM360 volledig overzicht:

ITSM ticket system as a basis for control

Doel is om vanuit uw ITSM- ticketsysteem regie te voeren over herkenbare diensten. Door de transitie naar Cloud- oplossingen en diensten ‘as a service’ blijken de bekende ITSM- systemen hierin ‘de zwakste schakel’ te zijn geworden. Deze systemen zijn bijvoorbeeld lastig/niet te integreren met uw Microsoft- producten en koppelen lastig/niet met uw applicaties of ticketsystemen van uw ICT- partners. Bovendien zijn de kosten erg hoog. Daarom gaan wij voor ITSM 100% op Microsoft!

XLA is like eating in a good restaurant: as a service

Since we have embraced a state-of-the-art Microsoft ITSM call system ourselves and have supplemented it with our XLA/Regie proposition, we naturally look at other systems and solutions even more than before. We believe that an ITSM call system is the heart of...

MSP: Innoveert uw ticketsysteem wél of niet mee?

Wij zien veel MSP’s en beheerorganisaties worstelen met het ticketsysteem: gebruikers willen selfservice, automatiseren van processen is de nieuwe norm en ‘Microsoft- tenzij’ zien wij vrijwel overal. Als ‘spin in het web’ hoort daar het ticketsysteem bij als de...

Does IT Service Management have a future and what do we do with ITIL?

IT Service management and ITIL have been closely linked for 25 years. Somewhere in the mid-1990s, ITIL, inspired by KPMG, came rolling into the IT landscape as a holy grail for the IT department. Subsequently, ITIL became a household word, although the term was coined...

Together with these companies we achieve a lower TCO and higher user satisfaction

Discover the opportunities and possibilities of ITSM at Microsoft in our free webinar


Wilt u meer weten over de voordelen van ITSM op Microsoft 365? We laten u de mogelijkheden, kansen en voordelen zien. In dit webinar krijgt u een helder beeld van de mogelijkheden, verschillen met TopDesk, ServiceNow, Jira en Freshmaker. En we laten u zien hoe u laagdrempelig op 1 dienst kunt testen en ervaren wat de kracht van IT Service Management op Microsoft is.Wilt u weten waarom meer dan 250 corporate organisaties en grote instellingen hun ITSM willen gaan bouwen met onze Microsoft geintegreerde oplossing? Maak vrijblijvend een afspraak en we laten u graag de kracht en eenvoud zien!