We are currently seeing the well-known suppliers of ITSM systems implementing price increases everywhere. This makes the solution extremely expensive, while it is offered as a SaaS solution and should therefore be more efficient, better and cheaper, right? Where does that go wrong? We will be happy to explain it to you.

The basis of the problem is easy to explain by means of the images above: The ITSM SaaS solution is outside your ecosystem and not from Microsoft, whereas ITSM360 is 100% Microsoft and integrates within your ecosystem with all your Microsoft licences and applications by default. You would say: logical right?

Well no.....: the problem with SaaS solutions from ITSM vendors outside your ecosystem is that in order to connect to your ecosystem, they need modules for everything. And that makes sense too, because it's not Microsoft and it's outside your environment.

But why is your current system getting more and more expensive? Unfortunately, the answer is logical: these modules are increasing in number and complexity, as your Cloud transition is in full swing and these systems cannot keep up. This makes modules that should be unnecessary by definition also very expensive to maintain and purchase.

Annoying as it may be: it is architecture that no longer fits in with the times, when connections and integrations must be quick and easy to implement and the costs for ITSM solutions must be spent primarily on what you actually want to do with the system:

Connect, Integrate, Automate and Direct

This ensures that your ITSM solution keeps you in a tight grip and also forces you towards ever-higher costs. Please stop that, it can be done now with ITSM360: much better, much more complete, much more affordable and above all:

On the basis of Enterprise Architecture that fits the needs of today and tomorrow exactly

We would like to help you break this circle and prove the value of ITSM360 with you in a Proof of Concept project. No disinvestment, because once you experience what can be improved you won't want anything else and together we will ensure a pleasant and short process to simply 'switch off' your existing ITSM system within 3 months.

Author: Dennis Daalhuizen

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