You may have asked yourself the above question towards the 2021 budget requests. Since the corona outbreak, you have been very busy 'keeping the shop open'.

This is understandable given the widely felt corona panic and the effort it took to get, for example, working from home organised properly. Your manager has accepted this for this year and after solving the first problems, you have, like many organisations, gone into a 'wait and see' mode when it comes to pro-active improvement or innovation.

Waiting for better times, while the pressure to perform has slowly increased again. This creates an image of entire teams sitting together with their manager like the proverbial 'frogs in a pot', while the fire underneath is slowly getting hotter. The energetic interaction in your team is no longer as it was before. How long can this situation continue?

This year, your management or board probably accepted that "minding the shop" was your main activity due to the circumstances. But after the adjustment period and towards the plans and budgets for 2021, the first signals that delivery and improvement are needed again as 'of old' are already coming through, as you can feel.

How are you going to get your people moving and give them the confidence to expand their horizons again?


Let us look at the picture below.

As stated above, since Corona, your organisation has been (perhaps and understandably) largely focused on the short term.

This includes a fixation on problems and less on opportunities. Because of this, in many cases people have become closed off to positive changes, as we experienced during our change processes this year. Your team unconsciously (more than before) holds back the change by reacting more negatively to the expectations and activities that come with it.

As a manager, it is therefore (even) more difficult to rise above this and, as a result, change processes are postponed or halted. The innovation comes to a standstill because the motivation for it does not come from the group.

Get out of this vicious circle before the 2021 budget application!

In order to escape this impasse, it is important to distance oneself from the prevailing group feeling and, above all, to step out of it oneself.

Start by coaching your people on personal, concrete and achievable (small) goals as an example. This makes the deliverables personal and helps your people to get back into a positive mode together.

Listen carefully to the resistances and embrace them wherever possible. Bring movement into the existing fear and resistance by continuing to propose positive actions in particular. Speak to your people daily about the results and put successes back into the group.

This approach, which may feel like micromanagement at first, has been shown to work and to 'throw open the windows' in your team. A new positive energy that is focused on doing things can be released.

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Author: Dennis Daalhuizen - owner TransitieProfs