ICT is widely used in all aspects of our society and the Netherlands is increasingly digitising. It has become much more than just a supporting tool. Organisations are so dependent on ICT that it has become an essential part of the business model.

This digital society offers society and organisations many opportunities and possibilities. But digitisation also brings threats and risks. That is why it is important to set up ICT and business activities in a safe manner, certainly for organisations that process privacy-sensitive data. This guarantees confidentiality, integrity and continuity.


The dangers of Cyber Security

The old image of a fixed computer in the office still exists, but the boundary is becoming increasingly blurred. Employees bring personal devices such as smartphones and laptops into the office where they are connected to the company network. The line between private and business is becoming less visible. In addition, organisations are switching to cloud solutions at an increasing pace, data processing is being outsourced and privacy legislation continues to change.

These changing circumstances mean that the risk profile of organisations is changing rapidly. Every day you can read news articles about hacked systems and leaked databases with privacy-sensitive data. Ransomware, Cryptolockers, DDoS attacks, data breaches, phishing - all these incidents are the order of the day and pose a significant risk to organisations.


The cooperation with Onvio

As an independent specialist in the field of information security Onvio maps out digital risks and helps organisations to implement measures. The goal is to lift security to a higher level and to make organisations resilient against digital threats.



Onvio supports organisations in a practical way:

  • Conducting security investigations such as Pentesting of corporate networks, web applications and IoT devices, Responsible Disclosure, Vulnerability Scanning, Phishing campaigns and Mystery Guest visits.
  • Advising and supporting organisations in security issues.
  • Providing ICT security consultants.
  • Training and implementation of secure software development (DevSecOps and security tooling).


Author: Dick Snel - Director/Owner Onvio

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